Ancestral Healing Meditation with Arif and Amina

Friday – September 12th at 6:30PM – 8:00PMtree82

By healing our ancestral lines with intention, we can begin to free ourselves and our children from unconscious repetition of patterns from the past. We can begin to more fully embody our Divine Nature, live our unique purpose, and begin to co-create a new culture of connection, abundance, and cooperation.  Join us for a unique opportunity for a shamanic guided journey. Wear comfortable clothing and bring floor props. Arrive early to settle as doors will close promptly.  Limited spaces – register online 

One thought on “Ancestral Healing Meditation with Arif and Amina

  1. elizabeth

    We are putting together a kirtan night – starting the sunday afternoon before xmas.
    Heather Wolfe told me to contact you! We have a large round room in which we teach Yoga and Tai Chi. This i sin Phillipston, ma. around 12 miles form Gardner. Chants are always on in this room…..
    Do you visit temples for kirtan? How does it work for you?

    Elizabeth and David


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